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Book Suggestions to Read This Month


Wellington Parkside Blog, Everett, MA  It's a great time to read a good book. Check out these book suggestions that we're highlighting in this month's blog post!

It’s a great time to enjoy a good book this month! In today’s Wellington Parkside Blog post we’ll be sharing a list of book suggestions that have come out this year. We think you’ll enjoy them! So sit down in your apartment, relax, and enjoy one of these books here in Everett, MA.


Back Talk by Danielle Lazarin

“Through stories that are at once empathetic and unexpected, these women and girls defiantly push the boundaries between selfishness and self-possession. Fantastically written with a fresh voice and bold honesty, Back Talk examines the cultural narrowness of what it means to want as a woman.”


The Wisdom of Wolves: Lessons from the Sawtooth Pack by Jim & Jamie Dutcher

“For six years Jim and Jamie Dutcher lived intimately with a pack of wolves, gaining their trust as no one has before. In this book the Dutchers reflect on the virtues they observed in wolf society and behavior. Each chapter exemplifies a principle, such as kindness, teamwork, playfulness, respect, curiosity, and compassion. Their heartfelt stories combine into a thought-provoking meditation on the values shared between the human and the animal world. Occasional photographs bring the wolves and their behaviors into absorbing focus.”


Raw: My Journey Into the Wu-Tang by Lamont U-God Hawkins

“U-God’s unforgettable first-person account of his journey, from the streets of Brooklyn to some of the biggest stages around the world, is not only thoroughly affecting, unfiltered, and explosive but also captures, in vivid detail, the making of one of the greatest acts in American music history.”


The Gunners by Rebecca Kauffman

“Following on her wonderfully received first novel, Another Place You’ve Never Been, called ‘mesmerizing,’ ‘powerful,’ and ‘gorgeous,’ by critics all over the country, Rebecca Kauffman returns with Mikey Callahan, a thirty-year-old who is suffering from the clouded vision of macular degeneration. He struggles to establish human connections—even his emotional life is a blur.”


Have you read any of these books? Let us know in the comments below!