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Celebrating Thanksgiving at Your Wellington Parkside Apartment

Wellington Parkside Blog, Everett, MA  Follow these tips for hosting a stress free Thanksgiving dinner in your Wellington Parkside apartment!

The holidays can be a stressful, busy time, and it can be easy to feel like you’re drowning under all the preparing, cleaning, decorating, and having fun you’re supposed to be doing! Today the Wellington Parkside Blog is here to offer a few tips to help you keep your cool here in Everett, MA as you prepare to host Thanksgiving dinner in your apartment or be a guest elsewhere.


Planning is key.

Take the time to begin planning your Thanksgiving dinner now (even if you aren’t hosting, but simply taking a side to a Thanksgiving dinner, advance planning can be helpful — adapt these tips for hosting a dinner party at your apartment for instance). Figuring out what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it will help things go smoothly.


Create a well-rounded menu

Many people think of stuffing, pumpkin pie, and turkey when they think of Thanksgiving dinner. However, it’s your day, so adapt your menu according to what you and your guests like and are able to cook. Ask those you’ve invited to dinner if they have any dietary restrictions you should be aware of as you’re planning the menu and handing out assignments.


Be clear about your assignments.

Unless you’re a super chef (or you enjoy cooking plenty of dishes at once), you don’t have to make everything by yourself! Make it easier on yourself and open up oven, counter, fridge, and microwave space by asking your guests to bring some of the dishes. Give out assignments early enough so your guests will have time to find the perfect salad or side recipe, and let all your guests know when you expect to have dinner started so the food can be warm and fresh.


Manage your time.

If you’re making multiple dishes, prepare what you can ahead of time and manage your cooking schedule so that your dishes are ready to be served fresh when it’s time. Look over the recipes for your foods and see what needs to chill or rise overnight and what can be done last-minute. A Thanksgiving dinner timeline can be a godsend. For a light-hearted look at your Thanksgiving cooking timeline, check out The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  For something a little more straightforward we like Thanksgiving cooking schedule from Real Simple.


Clean your apartment.

Of course, hosting guests means your home should be presentable for them! Clear up the clutter as soon as possible so you can have more room for cooking, decorating, and getting ready for the big day. Wipe down tables and counters as you cook and after you’re finished. After the big dinner — or even better, before dinner —recruit some help for clean up. It will give you an opportunity to visit and spend time together, and it is true, many hands make light work.


What are your best tips for staying organized and prepared for the holidays? Let us know by leaving a comment! Good luck, and have fun with your Thanksgiving celebration!