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DIY Apartment Decor Projects

Wellington Parkside Blog, Everett, MA  March is National Craft Month so celebrate by making something unique and special for your apartment this month. Enjoy!

March is National Craft Month and to celebrate we want to share some DIY projects that can inspire you to create something unique and special for your Wellington Parkside apartment. Check out our ideas and come up with some of your own ideas. We hope you get a chance to create something great this month here in Everett, MA.


DIY Painted Rugs from Mountain Modern Life

One of these painted rugs will look so classy in your apartment. It’s a simpler and cheaper option to buying an expensive rug. To make one of these you’ll need a printer, a rug, measuring tape, paint, a fabric medium, chalk, a Sharpie, a foam brush, painter’s tape, cardboard template shapes (optional), scissors, and fabric protector.


DIY Ombre Crayon Candles from Elle Sees

These candles are a great piece to decorate your apartment with. Make a variety of ombre colors in sets of three for a bookshelf or end table. To make one of these candles you’ll need 3 crayons of the same color, but different shades; glass containers; a white candle with a wick; a heat-resistant glass bowl; a double boiler; pot holders; wooden chopsticks; and a hammer or a knife.


Painted Folding Chairs from Design For Mankind

These chairs are so pretty and a great way to provide extra seating for guests. You’ll need folding chairs, a screwdriver, a drop cloth, spray paint, fabric, scissors, and a staple gun and staples.


Hot Glue Canvas Art from The Crazy Craft Lady

This is a great craft that can give you loads of inspiration. If you want to make this exact hot glue canvas art piece from the link above you’ll need these supplies: a stretched canvas, a printer and paper, a pencil, tape, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, craft paint, and paint brushes. With these items the sky is the limit. Write or draw something with the glue gun and paint over it with your choice of colors and enjoy your masterpiece! For more hot glue gun craft ideas check out this list from A Girl and A Glue Gun.


Have you made any DIY projects recently? Let us know what they are in the comments below. Thanks for reading this month’s blog post!