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Healthy Tips for Thanksgiving

a plate of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes

Thanksgiving is known for being the day that people partake in delicious turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. Whether it’s lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, you’re probably going to eat a lot of food, so we here at Wellington Parkside Blog decided to share with you a few healthy tips to make your Thanksgiving a little better.

Turkey Bowl

American football is the preferred sport during the fall and many participate in a Turkey bowl on the day of Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the turkey bowl isn’t a delicious bowl full of turkey, but it can help you be just a little healthier. A turkey bowl is when family and friends gather together to play a friendly game of American football before the Thanksgiving festivities begin. You can get some cardiovascular exercise and enjoy a day of fun tossing the pigskin around.

Eat Slow

When you have a feast in front of you, your focus can end up being to consume as much food as you can before feeling full. We recommend eating slower. Overeating isn’t a good thing, even if it’s just one day a year, so eating slowly can help you to keep that from happening. Your body needs some time to register that you’ve eaten enough to be full, so instead of focusing on the delicious food on your plate, strike up a conversation with someone sitting beside you!

Healthier Recipes

If you’re more conscious of your health, you can choose to make some healthier recipes instead of the traditional meal! Instead of mashed potatoes, you could opt for a cauliflower “mashed potatoes” recipe or other alternatives. Your holiday feast doesn’t have to give you a heart attack, so if you’re looking to find a healthier way to have Thanksgiving, you can find some delicious alternatives on the internet.

Do you have any tips to stay healthy during the Thanksgiving season? Let our Everett, MA apartment community know of them by leaving us some comments!