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Relax with a Bath

decorated apartment bathroom

Do you take enough time to let your body relax? Everyday life can be stressful; if we’re not careful, it can take a toll on our health. Relaxing can be a difficult thing to when you’re busy, but we believe you should take the time to schedule some relaxation in. In this week’s Wellington Parkside Blog, we’ve got some tips on how you can enjoy a bath to relax in your Everett, MA apartment!

Set the Mood

When you’re trying to relax, atmosphere is everything. Do yourself a favor and set the mood. Consider dimming the lights and lighting some candles. The dim light and the candles will allow you to focus wholly on relaxation and will help you feel like you’re at a spa. Turn on some soothing music, close your eyes, lay back, and relax in the hot water!

Remove Distractions

If you’ve got anything work-related connected to your phone, the chances of you relaxing will be reduced to zero if you keep getting work emails while you’re in the bath. Before you get into the tub, remove any distractions like your phone from the vicinity (the only exception being if you were using your phone for music. Even then, silence it).

Bath Add-ins

To give your bath that extra kick of relaxation, we suggest investing in some bath bombs or essential oils to add into your hot water bath. You might already be accustomed to adding soap to give the bath more life, but adding a bath bomb or essential oils will add a stronger scent component that can be used to soothe your weary mind. The aromas that come from these add-ins can irritate the most sensitive of noses, so be aware of how your body reacts to essential oils and smells!

Do you have a favorite relaxing bath time routine? If so, we encourage you to let our apartment community know by leaving a comment. Thank you for reading!