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Staying Warm This Winter Season

Wellington Parkside Blog, Everett, MA  It's cold outside and we want to help you stay warm! Read on for some tips and tricks this winter season.

It’s cold outside and we want to help! In today’s Wellington Parkside blog we have some tips and tricks to help you stay warm this season here in Everett, MA. Enjoy the holiday season and keep warm!


Start your car before leaving your apartment. On cold mornings it’s not fun to get into a frozen car and drive until it warms up. One trick is to start your car a few minutes before heading out. If you’re worried about someone getting into your car, just keep a close watch on it or lock it with an extra set of keys. If you don’t want to start it and wait until it warms up, make sure to wear gloves and other warm items even if they won’t be necessary throughout the rest of your day.


Make something warm to eat or drink. Eating or drinking something warm can do just the trick to help you warm up in the mornings or when getting home. Make some hot tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. You could also keep a treat in the fridge that will taste delicious warmed up such as a cinnamon roll.


Utilize the heat of the kitchen. After you’ve had something warm from your kitchen, stay in the kitchen in for a little while to warm up from the heat of the stove or the oven. After using the oven, open it up to let the warm air warm up your apartment. Just be sure there are no little ones around and that nothing will get close to the heat of it.


Layer your blankets the right way. When snuggling up on the couch or trying to warm up at night, make sure to layer your fuzzy and thick blankets on you, then top them with dense and thin blankets for the best insulation.


Head to the store for items to keep you warm. You can find some great items at your local store to pick up. Buy hand warmers for a quick warm up or buy a space heater. A space heater is a great way to warm up a small area in your apartment instead of using the heater for the whole apartment. Buy warm gloves, scarves, and hats to keep you warm outside and fuzzy blankets to keep you warm inside.


How do you stay warm during the winter season? Share your tips in the comments below!