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Warm Fashion Ideas for the Holiday Season

Woman dressed warm in a scarf, mittens and sweater.

December is here and the weather has gotten colder, so being outside can be quite miserable if you’re not prepared. Your attire can make the difference between having a good, warm day, and a bad one. In this week’s Wellington Parkside Blog, we’ve got a few fashion suggestions to provide some ideas on how you can dress for the colder weather in holiday style!


Novelty Scarves and Mittens

Keep your neck and hands warm this December by investing in some fun novelty scarves and mittens! Show your holiday spirit without sacrificing warmth. It may seem a little cheesy, but that’s the beauty of novelty clothing items, they’re supposed to be fun or even a little silly. If you aren’t the type of person who enjoys such novelty, you can always purchase some sharp looking, elegant scarves and mittens that match your outfit.


Holiday Sweaters

There are many who celebrate the December holidays by throwing an “ugly sweater party” to show off their favorite ugly sweaters. Join them in the fun by getting your own ugly sweater! These don’t necessarily have to be too ugly, but half the fun is how over the top your jumper can be! If you’re having trouble finding something in a retail store, try a vintage-clothing store or scouring the internet for them, where you’re bound to find a plethora of offerings.


Fuzzy Slippers

If your feet get cold often, we suggest buying some fuzzy slippers! These are the perfect item to slip on when you get back home. Fuzzy slippers can make your home feel cozier and will keep your feet warm and away from the cold floor! We suggest buying some slippers that can help you get into the holiday spirit, like finding some reindeer ones or even Santa Claus ones!  


It can get cold here in Everett, MA, so we hope you enjoy these tips to help keep you warm in and out of your apartment!